Interstellar Space: Genesis

Hello everyone!

Today we’re happy to announce the new and definite name for the Project Space Sector working title. The new name is Interstellar Space: Genesis.

The “Interstellar Space” part is connected to an important mechanic of the game linked to the discovery of new objects in space. And, we also like it! :) The “Genesis” part will be the first chapter of what we envisage to be a series with two expansion packs.

Pre-orders and Pre-Alpha access soon

We’re also thrilled to announce that we plan to open pre-orders with instant access on July 12th, 2017.

Access will be provided to the current build (Pre-Alpha) and all upcoming versions including the final version of the game to all who pre-order.

The builds will be downloadable through the humble widget.

The game is not yet on Steam but we definitely plan to be on Steam some time down the road, at which point we should be able to get Steam keys for all the people who pre-order now.

The game is for Windows PC only at the moment, but we plan to have Mac and Linux versions for the release or some time after that.

The game is already playable but it is not finished yet. There are still a lot of missing and placeholder graphics, music and sound effects and several features that have not yet been implemented. We expect that there will be significant changes made to the game design and lots of balancing work left to do. So, expect a lot of incompleteness and rough edges still.

Why pre-orders now?

The reason to open pre-orders now is twofold:

We have an internal VIP group of brave people who have been helping us playtest the game through the very early stages of development. Now, we have reached a stage in the project where we think the game is already in an acceptable shape to be played by the public, especially by the hardcore 4X and strategy gaming community, so that we can obtain much more feedback still at an early stage to help improve the current design.

The other reason to open pre-orders now is to use the funds obtained from now up until release to buy better graphics, music and sound effects for the game, so that we can deliver a great experience for everyone at release.

More information on the game, including the features list and screenshots can be found on the Interstellar Space: Genesis official website.

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Thank you!

Interstellar Space Genesis (formerly Project Space Sector) is a spiritual successor to Master of Orion 2, the turn-based space 4X strategy game from the 90’s that we love so much. This will be a faithful successor, that is true in spirit to the series. We believe that by sticking to its fundamentals we will please the fans who want to feel the atmosphere and that “feeling” of Master of Orion 2, but also want to experience something new and fresh, with all the complexity and depth of a big and complex 4X game. You can join the discussions here. Pre-orders shall open on July 12th, 2017.