Oliver “Mezmorki” Kiley from eXplorminate has just published a great preview of Interstellar Space: Genesis. Go check it out! :)

I think this says it all:

I take this opportunity to publicly thank all of our staff and VIPs for their dedication and support to this project so far, for which the game wouldn’t be nearly as good and polished as it is today, especially for a Pre-Alpha.

And, a special thank you to all the people who have already pre-ordered the game. We’re a small indie studio, so your support is very much appreciated and critical for the game’s success. Rest assured that your support/investment will be put to good use.

If you want to join the cause and help us make a worthy spiritual successor to Master of Orion 2, and the best and most refreshing space 4X game we can possibly can, please join the discussions in the game’s forums. Your contributions to the project will be invaluable.

Also, and if you want to help us further, please consider pre-ordering the game with instant access as that would help us a lot in securing extra funds to improve the game, so that it may be in the best shape possible at release.

Thanks a lot! And now it’s time to go back to work in our road to Alpha! Almost there… :)

Adam Solo & MalRey