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    Assuming you want feedback and notes posted in the forum, rather than e-mailed to an internal list:

    Take this with whatever size unit of salt you prefer--here are my notes on things that I noticed when running a civilization for the first time. I haven't included any proofing for the spelling/grammar errors--I assume those will be hunted down and caught later once the content has been completed. It may be useful to set up some formal method of community review of the text strings and submission of proposed changes/fixes/edits.

    General UI Notes:
    • Need to be able to deselect all ships in a pop-up box (rather than requiring at least one be selected)
    • Windows/boxes/dialogs/etc should probably use modern UI conventions (for example, 'X' to close, rather than square-with-right-facing-arrow)
    • If a next turn click is halted due to an unresolved choice (such as picking production for a planet), clicking 'next turn' should pop up a dialog box to notify (rather than relying upon only a new, small status icon on the right side)
    • Status icons need to have some form of unified theme (image on a circle, for example) rather than floating purely over the background (to ensure differentiation from the underlying image)
    • Radial menus might be a more effective approach for multi-option selections (probably too late to consider)
    • Color scheme on tech picker needs work--blue for completed and green for selected is a bit counter-intuitive--shading may be more effective (dark green for completed, light/neon green for selected)
    • Color meanings should be consistent across uses

    Planetary Screen:
    • Terraforming icon needs to be something other than a bulldozer (bulldozers are closely associated in games UIs with construction of things or destroying/razing/removing things)

    Strategic Map:
    • Distances and speed should use a common unit - light years, parsecs, etc for strategic movement/location/distance
    • Similarly, in-system/battle movement should use a separate (and unrelated) unit -- klicks, kilometers, etc
    • Tactical and Strategic units should be differentiated so that a very fast tactical speed does not (in the mind of the player) convert over to a slow strategic speed (though this could be explained by fuel burn or other things, to keep the two values separate with an in-game fluff explanation)

    Reserve some colors for only set object types--for example, a noticeably different shade of yellow should only be reserved for currency (and not also used for icons of strategic resources, such as Helium).

    When a colony ship reaches a system with colonizable planets, a dialog box should pop up asking if the user wishes to colonize a planet (and, if so, which planet they wish to colonize)

    When on a planet screen and you click 'leader', the leader interface is brought up--clicking on a leader in this interface should assign the leader to the planet, not bring up a secondary list of planets to select from
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    Nov 12, 2016
    These are mostly quality of life feedback changes, but I think that the majority of these are worth looking into.
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    Thanks for your feedback @DevNull, and welcome to the forums!

    This is helpful UI feedback. Let us know if you have any more comments and suggestions to the UI and to any of the game's mechanics, as for your overall impressions of the game. What you like most, don't like much and want to see improved.

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