We are Praxis Games. The passion of doing strategy games through practice and learning.

We aim at being a games development company that specializes in making the best strategy games with deep and complex gameplay for a diverse set of settings and themes. We believe that this is only possible with the help of the community that appreciates these types of games.

Our games will be complex, rich in features and fun, while still approachable and easy to learn.

We believe that graphics are important but that they always take a backseat to good and solid gameplay.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, is our motto. We believe that new ideas are important, when used wisely, but we’ll refrain from resorting to innovation just for the sake of it.

We are obsessed with serving the client, so we plan to release our games in the best shape possible and do extensive post-support work with free patches along the way with possible paid expansions and DLC, which will not be required to play with the latest improvements but only to introduce new content or meaty new features.

We strongly believe in good and solid gameplay first, community-driven development, product quality, transparency and extensive client support to keep our clients as satisfied as possible, so that we can keep making great games for them for a long time to come!