Interstellar Space: Genesis is a turn-based space 4X strategy game where you are the emperor of a space faring civilization. You will explore the wonders of space, colonize other worlds and expand your empire across the stars where mysteries await you. You will discover that you are not alone in the universe. And, when you meet other sentient species, what will you do? Will there be peace, or will you go to war?

Interstellar Space: Genesis is heavily inspired by Master of Orion 2: Battle at Antares, the awesome turn-based space 4X strategy game from the 90’s, and reference in the genre. The game is being developed following a “classic meets the new” approach where the best parts of MoO2 are kept and we’ll be improving the experience to today’s standards while also offering something new.

In that regard, ISG is a spiritual successor to Master of Orion 2, imagining where the series could have gone from there, now offering a new twist and experience to a successful formula! So, come aboard and join us on the forums to ask us questions or share your thoughts where you will find a passionate community that also loves the Master of Orion series and wants to see where the classic formula will go next!

The game is being created by the team behind the former sci-fi strategy games news website, headed by the two developers of Praxis Games, Adam Solo and MalRey, a young development studio devoted to making great strategy games with deep and complex gameplay for a diverse set of settings and themes. As for our vision and values, we strongly believe in good and solid gameplay first, community-driven development, product quality, transparency and extensive client support to keep our clients as satisfied as possible, so that we can keep making great games for them for a long time to come!


PRE-ALPHA 9 (Oct 12th 2017)

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We keep with the master of orion formula but with some novelties


Customize your starships and see them perform in battle


Explore the space around you remotely or send your survey ships


Each game, different planets. Terraform your worlds to fit your needs

Procedural Worlds


Pre-Alpha 9 Released!

Hello everyone, we're proud to announce that we've just released a new public version for Interstellar Space: Genesis, Pre-Alpha 9. This release was a big leap forward, we think, in terms of providing better usability and appeal. The entire UI was revamped to what will be close to the final...

Pre-Alpha 8 Released!

Hello everyone, Pre-Alpha 8 has arrived! This new version introduced several substantial changes to the game that hopefully will make the experience better for everyone, namely a new "Balanced Start" mode (active by default), a new difficulty level, 6 new leaders, a new game option to increase the tooltips text...

Pre-Alpha 7b Hotfix Released!

Hello everyone, we've just released Pre-Alpha 7b, which is a hotfix to Pre-Alpha 7a. This hotfix includes several bug fixes to space combat, several balance tweaks and adds a lot of variety to the ruins searching text. Also, ships start with no shields at the beginning (Class I Shields needs...

Pre-Alpha 7a Hotfix Released!

We have pushed a new build (Pre-Alpha 7a) to fix a space combat critical issue reported by Ergie in the game's forums (link). For buyers, you can grab the latest version by just reinstalling from the humble bundle link (order resender is here) Well, we had to have our own...