Author: MalRey

Pre-Alpha 9 Released!

Hello everyone, we’re proud to announce that we’ve just released a new public version for Interstellar Space: Genesis, Pre-Alpha 9. This release was a big leap forward, we think, in terms of providing better usability and appeal. The entire UI was revamped to what will be close to the final UI style we envisage for…

Space Game Junkie Podcast about ISG

Hi there! ISG was invited by the Space Game Junkie team to participate on the next podcast and talk a bit about the game. The dev team will be present and we’ll discuss topics about the past, present and future of the project. The show will start Tuesday, September 12th at 6 AM PDT/3PM CEST….

Pre-Alpha 8 Released!

Hello everyone, Pre-Alpha 8 has arrived! This new version introduced several substantial changes to the game that hopefully will make the experience better for everyone, namely a new “Balanced Start” mode (active by default), a new difficulty level, 6 new leaders, a new game option to increase the tooltips text and a new “left-click to…

Pre-Alpha 7a Hotfix Released!

We have pushed a new build (Pre-Alpha 7a) to fix a space combat critical issue reported by Ergie in the game’s forums (link). For buyers, you can grab the latest version by just reinstalling from the humble bundle link (order resender is here) Well, we had to have our own “day one patch” 🙂